Second Life

22 Apr

My digital self

I met Chaz in a chatroom way back when the internet was still relatively new to the general public.  Next month we will celebrate our 13th anniversary.

We both made many friends in that chatroom.  We still have contact with a handful of those friends and I’ve made more friends in other chatrooms.

3 years ago one of those friends introduced me to something different.  A virtual reality.  You have an avatar that you navigate around a virtual world.  I messed around a few times in it and then Chaz tried.  You can say we got hooked together.  We explored areas together.  Met new people together.  And, had a lot of fun together.

The appeal of chatrooms and Second Life for me was being able to “meet” and chat with people from around the world.  Second Life just added more ways to interface through the digital realm.  Not only is there text chat, but voice chat, as well.  Musicians can put on shows without ever having to lug heavy equipment out of the house.  Deejays can stream wearing their pajamas.  Everyone has dance skills.  White men can jump.  And, the chances of a female avatar being a man in real life is high.

Just some of the Ohana

I encouraged Chaz to start performing in Second Life after seeing a show that wasn’t all that great.  The guy had a good voice and could play guitar, but he wasn’t consistent and he didn’t have charisma.  Chaz has that wow factor.  I kept after him, as did some friends and he finally started performing.  It got to the point where he was doing at least 5 regular shows per week.  An hour long each.  Everyone has missed his shows since he couldn’t keep them up while he was traveling for work every week.

I got into deejaying.  I’m not fancy.  I can’t mix like my brother can.  I’m more like a radio deejay, but more fun.  When I have a crowd, especially people I know, I can go off their vibes to play what I know they like and what matches the mood of the group.  There is nothing like seeing (in text) the excitement of the audience when you play a song they enjoy.  It gets me going and before it know it, 2 hours have flown by

We have some really good friends who are like family to us.  We’ve even met a few of them in real life.  One of them we watched graduate from college through internet streaming.  We hope to meet them all one day.  Preferably on a big vacation together.  We tried to do a big trip to Pigeon Forge.  Cabin in the mountains.  But, life got in the way and we haven’t done that yet.  ONE DAY!

I’m not in Second LIfe as much as I used to be.  But, I still have fun when I am in there!

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