Haters Are Gonna Hate

08 May

Me and Dr. Cuz

I was recently told by a friend that a mutual acquaintance told him that she hates me.  He couldn’t believe it when she told him.  I was a little surprised at first, wondering what I did to offend her and shocked that she said that to my friend because everyone knows we’re good friends.  Did she not realize it would get back to me directly?  Then I remembered, she’s a hater.  She’s always complaining about one thing or another, talking smack about someone, and in general, just being a Negative Nancy.  I’ll call her Hater Hannah.

Haters always have something they are hating on.  They are the ones that are never happy.  They have frowned and scowled so much in their lives, the muscles in their face are weak to smile.  They are insecure at their core and need to make everyone share in their misery.  These are the people who have to find something wrong in everything and then go on ad nauseam.

My biggest lesson learned when bullied by my 6th grade class (all but 2 of them in my class) simply for being different was to not care what others thought of me.  I knew I was a good person and that I was likable because I had so many friends wherever we lived.  Yet somehow, at that time in my life, about 27 kids decided I wasn’t worth a thing.  They are the ones that aren’t worth a thing.  Out of all those kids in my class, I may have eventually talked to some of them when we got to high school, but those 2 that never bullied me are the ones I’m still friends with.

I’ve carried that lesson with me through my life.  There is always someone who doesn’t like me and I can’t help that.  I can’t please everyone all of the time.  Haters can’t be pleased anyway.  Haters are the ones that get very little of my time and energy.  We all know they are the ones that will suck it all right out of you if you let them.  I don’t let them.  Neither should you.

If you’re a hater reading this.  Go ahead and hate.  I don’t care.  Just know your energy is wasted on hating on me.  Too many other people love me for who I am.

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