Some People

25 May

The view from my lanai.

There are times when I really wonder about people.  I mean, what are they thinking when they do the stupid shit they do?  Maybe they really aren’t thinking at all.

Sunday morning I fixed myself some gluten-free pancakes to go with my friend’s Naked Berry Bread Spread that I made the night before.  I went outside to enjoy them on the lanai with some coffee and to finish reading Eat Pray Love. Did I mention it was my anniversary?  I was having a nice enjoyable peaceful morning while waiting for Chaz to wake up.

I worked on my shopping list when I came back inside so I could go grocery shopping. My phone started playing Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park.  The ringtone for when a text message comes in.  I wondered who was texting me and got up to get my phone.

I missed a text while I was outside and the person was texting again.  I had no idea who it was.  The number was not familiar other than the area code.  (Texts are typed up just as I received them, spelling errors and all)

Stranger: Did you survive the end of time as we know it?

Stranger: Not talkin again…that’s ok

I thought maybe it was a friend who can be a little insecure at times, but their name would have shown up.

Me: Who is this?

Stranger: Never mind just thought we were friends guess not

Me: I ask because your number is not programmed in my contacts. And I didn’t answer your first text because I was outside.  I am not joined to my phone.

I was trying to be nice and helpful, especially if this was a wrong number.  I mean, if you texted a wrong number, wouldn’t you want to know?

Stranger: Since when? You check it even when you’re on a date. Just incase something better texts you.

Me: Since always and I don’t go on dates. I’m married. I think you texted the wrong person.

Stranger: You must of just got married with in the last month or so. Wow.

At this point, I’m pissed off.  I’ve pointed out that he probably has the wrong person and he’s not getting it. Either he’s trying to get a rise out of me or he wins Idiot of the Year.

Me: Listen jackass.  You have the WRONG NUMBER.

Stranger: Mike I’m not a jackass. And if you would think about it you would know. Live with son work at Paul miller live off taylorsville road.

I figure maybe my voice will convince him how stupid he’s being.  So I call.  He immediately hangs up on me.  I call again and I say something before the call ends.

Me: Did I sound like Mike to you?

Stranger: Don’t call me Mike. I was just sayin hi until you started your lying. Which never will change good by

Me: Whoever you are, you better call the real Mike

He never responded.  Either he realized how stupid he was or he just ignored me. Either way, I at least tried to get him to contact the real Mike.  I just don’t get if he was really friends with this guy why he wouldn’t want to talk to him rather than just text.  Are we all just that disconnected with each other that a phone call in the middle of texting is a frightening prospect?


I shared the texts with Chaz later on and I felt better.  So much better, I forgot to share the them with all of you until now.

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