Slowing Down

10 Jun

I have a friend who keeps talking about moving because he’s tired of the fast pace of his life and he just wants to slow down. This the same friend I’m always 1) giving a hard time, 2) calling a dork, moron, idiot, and a variety of other names that some people find offensive so I won’t mention them here, and 3) trying to hammer some sense into his thick skull.

We have had this discussion many times and every time we have it it’s like we’re having it for the first time for him.  Or he could just be playing me to get me riled up as I tend to when he’s being a dork.

I keep telling him it doesn’t matter where he goes or moves to if he doesn’t already have the perception of slowing down in his head. He needs to have the mindset or he’ll always feel “rushed.”  This is the guy who runs his own business from home and takes on side jobs to get out of the house.  I don’t know about you, but if I was running a business from home, I’d prefer to do things like go to the park, movies, library, coffee shop, etc. to get out of the house.  Hey wait, I already do that.

We moved from one city to a bigger city back in October.  Life is busy because I do work more hours than I was before the move and I come home exhausted.  In order to get that slowness I let things slide to enjoy my time off.  Okay, so I didn’t vacuum last week so I could go to the Butterfly Festival.  One week of not vacuuming is not going to kill my carpet. I didn’t fold and put away a load of laundry (blankets and towels) so I could enjoy reading time on our lanai with natural Vitamin D and a nice treeline view.  Sometimes, I just don’t want to turn on the laptop so I can have a little unpluggled fun. I love days at sea on a cruise because I can sit by the pool all day and read. I love going to the beach when I’m visiting home and doing nothing but laying there.  Nevermind that it could take me an hour or two or three to get from Downtown Honolulu to the North Shore.  I can sit in traffic and enjoy the fact that I’m home and drink in the vivid colors surrounding me.

That’s another of my friend’s things about moving.  He wants less traffic, less waiting in lines.  Here’s another mindset issue.  We are always going to sit in traffic and wait in lines.  We can’t get away from it.  We can only accept it, embrace it, and enjoy the music on the radio while in the car or the cute kids playing in line in front of you.  Part of slowing down in your mind allows you to be patient and enjoy moments when it seems like life it throwing all kinds of stumbling blocks in your way.  You can either stand there and complain or you can climb/go around the block.

If my friend manages to read this post he’ll send me a message, “You’re right, Di.” as he usually does.  Why?  Because when it comes to things I tell him, I’m always right.  The real trick is for the message to sink in.  Why?  Well, there is a reason why he’s known as The Village Idiot.  And we call him that with all the love in our hearts…as we plot the many ways we could torture him and end his life.  MWAHAHAHAHAH!

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