A Poem To Share

09 Aug

Memories Of You

I woke to find him

moping at my desk.

“What’s wrong?” I ask

unprepared for his response.

He found my well-crafted memories of you.

My thoughts of you.

My love for you.

My mourning of you.

Jealous of the emotional depth

your imprint left on my heart.

He feared I would walk away

if I ever found you again. 

He would not comprehend

that I locked you away on purpose

with those memories

and you posed no threat.

He placed the memories of you between us

and worked to prove himself only to show

he was ruled by his fears

and he could never hold a candle to you.

He rued the day

he unearthed the memories

reminding me of my worth

and that I deserved better.

Some people have pictures.

Some people keep letters.

Some people save trinkets.

Some people dry flowers.

But all I have

is the result of my craft.

All I have

are these memories of you.

© Debi Smith, 2010

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