THIS is America

23 Sep

Honolulu - Capitol Building, DebiThe hatred of others never seems to stop and now my Anger Meter is up to Irate. I had no intention of continuing with the last post because it was one of those get-it-out-and-move-on for myself posts. But someone shared the racist, angry, ignorant tweets by about the winner of America’s Got Talent with me and I am riled up. The tweets were about him not being an American, needing to speak English better because “this is America,” “Japs bombed Pearl Harbor,” and Americans don’t go to Japan and compete on their shows. Twice in less than a week, people have shown how hateful and ignorant they really are. And for the gazillionth time in one week I was shouting, PEOPLE SUCK!

The show is America’s Got Talent, not Americans Have Talent, The U.S.’s Got Talent, or American Citizens Got Talent. This entire continent is America. North America, Central America, and South America. Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, are included in America. So if people want to keep pointing out that it is America’s Got Talent then we need to include ALL the countries in this continent. As long as the contestants are in the country legally, they are allowed to compete. Nothing in the rules says they have to be a citizen.

The natives of the Americas did not speak English. There were many different languages being spoken in this continent before European settlers stepped foot on land. I get sick of hearing people say, “This is America. Speak English!” Guess what? There are a lot of U.S. citizens who don’t have great command of the English language. And hey, the Mexicans were here first. Don’t get all pissy when they speak Spanish and you can’t understand them.

Singing in English is not a requirement for the competitions I’ve seen on TV. Theater, movies, TV, and music would not be where it is today if opera did not exist. Composers would not have composed some of their best work if it were not for operas. Singers who enjoy singing opera convey more emotion in another language than any recording artist who relies on Auto-Tune.

The Pearl Harbor card just needs to be torn up already. I call Hawai`I home and we remember Pearl Harbor every day. You cannot forget when it is right there in your backyard. There are two sides to that coin. Yes, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. In turn, the American government rounded up all the Japanese nationals and the Japanese-Americans then put them in internment camps. They lost everything. We also bombed them. Twice. Hiroshima and Nagasaki anyone?

Japan has a popular show called Sasuke. It airs on G4 here and runs under the name Ninja Warriors. Sasuke has athletes from the U.S., Bulgaria, Taiwan, Spain, and Korea compete on the show. Your argument is invalid.

The United States is supposed to be this great melting pot. That’s what I was taught in elementary school. We were founded by immigrants looking for freedom from their oppressive government. We used new immigrants for dangerous labor because slaves were too valuable to lose and we didn’t want to get our hands dirty. We pushed the Indians and Mexicans away, bought land from the French, and moved westward. We illegally overthrew a government in the middle of the Pacific and admitted it as our 50th state. Now we can go to “paradise” for an “exotic” vacation without needing a passport.

Instead of accepting the many cultures that make up our country, ignorant people reject anyone that doesn’t fit their idea of baseball, apple pie, and the U.S. being the greatest nation in the world. They choose to ignore the diversity that existed before our ancestors came to this land and the diversity that continues to grow daily. They choose to ignore the wrongs our government did and still do as if we lived in Utopia.

I might have to listen to/read all the ignorant hateful crap people throw out through the anonymity of the internet, but I’m not going to tolerate it.

This is America. Diverse and multi-cultured with skeletons falling out of the closet everywhere.

This is reality, not the one inside your head.

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