A Day In The Life

21 Feb

MorningIf you came here today expecting the next installment of Chase and Lara, sorry to disappoint. Instead, I’m going to share what my days were like while writing about them. You see, what started off as flash fiction turned into a short fiction series, which turned into a book. Yes, you read that right. A book. The first draft is done and in the hands of my first reader while I pore through it making all the changes I want to make.

I think most writers will agree with me that when we have a story in our heads and we need to get it out, it is an all-out obsession with getting everything out on paper or on the computer. I went through this obsession with finishing the first draft of my first book (still unpublished) because after quitting my job and regaining some of my health, I finally had the time to devote to it. Same for writing the J.D. and Ari series. I have all kinds of time to put into my writing and I am happier for it.

Somewhere between 6 – 8a.m. – Wake up and Chase and Lara is the first thought of the day, dialogue is begging to be let out. Roll out of bed, make coffee, and turn on laptop. Light the candle of knowledge and type in password for the laptop. Open up social media and do a quick check of what is going on and maybe get caught up in a few blogs and Twitter conversations. Open up the document and current writing playlist (set on repeat) then get to work.

10a.m. – Stomach decides to complain because breakfast was skipped. Leave the desk under protest because Stomach interfered with the flow of the writing. Use the bathroom while leftovers warm up because now Bladder is under revolt. Throw food in the slow cooker that will magically turn into dinner and leave more time for writing. Return to the desk with late breakfast and water then commence with the writing flow again. Leftovers get cold quickly and only half of it is consumed because the fingers are flying across the keyboard instead of picking up a food-laden utensil. Push the cold food aside and focus on the story unfolding.

Noon – Mouth gripes because the water glass is empty. Give in to Mouth because Head will become involved soon with dizzy spells. Bladder decides to speak up. Brain thinks, didn’t I just go? Realize it was two hours ago. Appease Bladder then return with a full glass of water.

2p.m. – Ignore Stomach and usual break for lunch and General Hospital because the story is more pressing, dammit! Open browser to search for fashion/color/car ideas, but get sidetracked on Twitter with writer/blogger friends. Get back on track with research and close out browser to focus.

3p.m. – Mouth and Bladder nag and the same question is posed, didn’t I just go? Oh, right. That was three hours ago. Tweet about the desire for an allergy-free cookie, but there are none in the pantry. Have the sads for a moment then text Chaz to pick some up on his way home. Peek at the materials for a project put on hold (again) while working on the book and feel guilty for not making time for it. Lose the guilt once re-immersed in the story.

6:30p.m Scream when Chaz sneaks into the cave upon returning home. Reluctantly break for dinner and doing dishes. Attempt to watch a movie/TV show on DVR or read but the brain can’t let go of Chase and Lara. Return to the cave for more bonding time with the friends and enemies on the laptop screen with a mug of decaf and the allergy-free cookies Chaz bought upon request. Try to explain to Chaz during one of his interruptions why so many issues of fashion magazines, especially GQ, are spread out on the craft table next to the desk. He walks away still confused.

11p.m. – Chaz says goodnight and he gets a back-handed wave because eyes must be kept on the screen. That’s what he gets for the multiple interruptions throughout the night, even if he did give some “inspiration”.

1a.m. – Shut off the laptop and go to bed and prepare for more of the same tomorrow.

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