Top 10 Beats Between the Sheets ~ Guest Post at Kennedy Ryan’s Blog

17 Mar

You might have read the title and asked, What the hell is Debi doing?

My fantastic friend, Kennedy Ryan, asked me to help her out with a post. What started out as the Top 10 Baby Makers took a life of its own and I wound up with the Top 10 Beats Between the Sheets instead.

Before I give you the link to my guest post, let me tell you about Kennedy and her debut novels, the first two of The Bennett series. Kennedy loves to have fun with me on Twitter which I completely love about her. I can’t be serious or “professional” all the time on social media. That’s not the best way for me to connect to fellow writers, fellow gluten-free/allergy-free bloggers, and followers. I believe in being myself at all times and Kennedy puts up with my antics. She will be donating 25% (divided) of her royalties to Myles-A-Part and TACA to help provide resources to families living with Autism. So, even if her books aren’t your usual, gift them to a friend who might like them and help families in need at the same time.

The Bennett series introduces us to Kerris Moreton, her would-be-fiancé Cam, and his best friend, Walsh Bennett. You can read more about them here. Images below are used with permission of Kennedy Ryan.

When You Are Mine releases on 6/17/2014 Ryan_WhenYouAreMine_ebook

Loving You Always releases on 10/17/2014Ryan_LovingYouAlways_ebook

Both books are available for pre-order through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Now that you’ve seen the covers of her books, is it any wonder how the baby making playlist turned hot and steamy?

Head over to guest post, Top 10 Beats Between the Sheets, at Kennedy’s blog now!

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