Flashback Friday

20 Jun

The post I was writing for today wasn’t shaping up right and I need more time with it before giving it to you. Backup plan, Flashback Friday. Okay, it wasn’t really a backup plan. I decided to do it on the spot when I realized I wanted to trash the post.

When Chaz was driving up to Cincinnati on Sundays and returning to Louisville Thursday Night, I started doing some weekend visits when spring hit because I was only working part-time Tuesday through Thursday. I was able to leave after work on Thursday and I stayed until Monday morning.

One of the weekends I came up was five months before we made the move up here. He and his chado (Japanese tea ceremony) group were asked to do a demonstration at the Krohn Conservatory while they had their exhibit of Japanese butterflies. I got to watch the Cincinnati-Dayton Taiko group play. We saw them perform several years before at the Japanese Festival in St. Louis. I normally take pictures for Chaz and his group when they do the demos, but I got roped into helping one of them make matcha behind the scenes and serve samples to the people watching.

The next day we met a friend, her son, and her granddaughter at The Creation Museum. I couldn’t resist taking pictures as we walked around the grounds after we were done inside the museum. Tulips are my bestie’s favorite, so I always think of her and smile.





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