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18 Jul

Sonya Craig did a sneak tag of me in her post 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me. At the same time, two of my aunties and one of my cousins tagged me in 20 Things About Myself on Instagram. So this is going to be weird after doing the post for the Versatile Blogger Award post.

I wear slippers. Not flip flops. Slippers. I keep them out as much as I can before the weather gets too cold to wear them without threat of frostbite. If it weren’t for places requiring shoes, I’d go barefoot instead.10 Things 8

My ex-roommate gave me my first cat while we were still living together. I named him Misha after Mikhail Baryshnikov. He was every bit as graceful as his namesake and carried himself like the royal half-Persian, half-Himalayan that he was.10 Things

Cookbooks are my food porn.10 Things 5

I give myself my own manicures and pedicures. It’s really just trimming the nails and cuticles then painting them. I don’t get all fancy with soaking and buffing and whatnot. The last time someone else gave me a mani/pedi was for my best friend’s wedding eight years ago.grounding 3

I was my aunties’ personal life-size Barbie doll. They dressed me up and did my hair and makeup then made me model for them. The upside, I have great pictures of myself as a kid. And don’t let the pretty dress and attempt at Farrah hair fool you. I liked running around outside, climbing things, and playing in the dirt. 10 Things 6

I never belonged to a clique in high school. I migrated between groups of friends. Mostly my fellow band geeks. I am most comfortable with my male friends which may have to do with growing up with my uncles and being bullied by all but two of my sixth grade class. The two were boys and the most ruthless of my bullies were the girls. Unrelated, I invented the ombre hairstyle long before it became popular.10 Things 3

I have a thing for eggs. The kind you eat and the kind that is decorative. You know. Fabergé.10 Things 9

I love working with essential oils. I’ve been doing it for over ten years. I make my own personal care and cleaning products with them. I also use them for my health, especially when I’m sick.

Diffusing oils

Diffusing oils

Homemade lotion

Homemade lotion

I grew up on Hello Kitty. When me and my parents left Hawai`I, my aunties sent me Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars stickers, pencils, etc. because neither were carried on the Mainland at the time. I can’t pass a Sanrio store without going inside and looking. My current purse is a Punk Hello Kitty I found in Vegas. It’s so me.10 Things 4

I started playing on the internet in 1995 in a chatroom called Talker (where I met Chaz). In all those years online I have never given out my age. It’s not as common to ask someone’s age as it once was. When I am asked, the answer is: Old enough to know better and young enough to still do it.

The first friend I made online, Peggy G.

The first friend I made online, Peggy G.


I’ve read 50 books so far this year.

I’ve lived in 7 states and went to 6 different elementary schools. In 5th grade, I went to 3 different schools. I never worried about making new friends when we moved. It was leaving friends behind that I hated.

I use social media to be social more than to promote myself as a writer.

Action movies are cheap therapy and cathartic for me. I don’t watch them for plot or dialogue.

I had two female celebrity role models when I was young: Nadia Comaneci and Martina Navratilova. I follow them both on Twitter now.

I hate faking emotion, especially if it’s to make others comfortable. I don’t want to hide how I feel just because others might not like how I feel.

I’ve tried many time to grow a container garden and can never get any produce. I can get the flower blossoms and the nice green stalks, but no produce. I’ve also brought our banana plant back from certain death several times.

Papa was active in the Masons. Granny was active in Eastern Star. My mother and aunties were in Rainbows (one of them) and Job’s Daughters (two of them). My youngest auntie, whom I share a birthday with, gave me her teddy bear that was her mascot in Job’s Daughters when I was born. I later went into Job’s Daughters for a year and a half in high school. I still have that teddy bear that I used to take with me everywhere.

Hawai`i is home, but Moloka`i is where I feel most relaxed. Lychees make me think of Moloka`i and hana buttah days, small kid time. I miss mountain apples. I never had to buy mangoes when living at home. I always knew people with mango trees trying to give them away before they went bad.

When I use the word “family” I’m talking about my extended family.

I am tagging my friend, Stuart James. He’s a fun guy to chat with on Twitter and he writes spy novels and ghost stories. I can’t wait to read them. He also hasn’t blogged since February so this is my way of poking him to blog.

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