Satire After The Storm

26 Jul

13769486_10154299452542141_3155962467755651471_nLast week, a good friend posted a silly meme. It was meant to make people laugh in a time with so many things in the news bringing us down – 2016 has not been a good year.

What happened next seemed to be the theme for that day  on social media – missing the point – and the lack of critical thinking was strong that day. A couple of men took the meme literally and accused my friend of not valuing life because she does not have children and called her names. One of them went to great lengths to defend his position on something that was a joke, but he didn’t get the joke. He and the other guy didn’t get that zombies aren’t real.

So what do you do after your adrenaline has run high because people lacking critical thinking skills are trolling the internet? You joke so you can laugh it off. Another friend commented that she couldn’t believe the whole thing exchange wasn’t an article on The Onion. Well, that’s all the encouragement I needed.

On Thursday, Bane and Tripe decided it c was time to lay to rest that sixth sense many of us treasure: Common. No, no the rapper. Common sense, that ability that helps us reason everything we read, hear, and see through the day.

Now no one knows why Bane and Tripe choose to kill off this sixth sense, especially when it would have helped them understand that zombies are fictitious. Yes, completely made up supernatural entities like vampires and werewolves. Maybe they are Twilievers… believers who live as if Edward and Jacob are real. They barricade themselves indoors 24/7 with the internet their only social contacts.

Bane and Tripe, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We hope you didn’t burn yourselves too bad in the fire you started.


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2 responses to “Satire After The Storm

  1. Johnna

    July 26, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    This, it truly does belong on The Onion.

    • Debi Smith

      July 26, 2016 at 5:33 pm

      It was pretty fun to write. 😀


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