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Versatile Blogger Award & Seven Things About Myself

Imagine my surprise Monday morning while I’m opening up the blogs I usually follow to discover Stephanie Neighbour tagged me in the Versatile Blogger Award. Check her out she never fails to make me laugh, but she can be just as serious. Plus she has cute dachshunds and sometimes Autumn takes over the blog. That dog is talented. Stephanie actually tagged my Hunter’s Lyonesse blog but I needed to post something more important on that one yesterday.

I have to tag/nominate fifteen bloggers, so here goes. Katie Oliver, Kennedy Ryan, Callie Armstrong, Christy Pastore, William Woodward, Wiz Green, Bianca Sloane, Robyn of Elder Park Book Reviews, Geoffrey West, Stuart James, Theresa Hernandez, Julie Stock, Johnna Perry, Shirley Braden, and Jessica Severson, I know Stephanie nominated a couple of you. Doesn’t mean I can’t!

This is where I share seven things about myself. I’m going to try to share things you don’t know.

iaito1. I studied Aikido and Iaijutsu. I own an iaito and I know how to use it.

Make Horse2. My favorite beaches are on Moloka`i, one of my island homes. Papohaku and Maké Horse. The latter is pictured above.

Music3. I have a talent for sight reading music and catching the lyrics & melody of a new song on the radio when I hear it for the first time. This drove my ex nuts when I would sing along to a song I was hearing for the first time.

4. I grew up singing in choirs. I learned to play the flute then the piano. I tried to teach myself to play the guitar. Later, I was in a short-lived band with some friends in which I was a backup singer and co-wrote the songs with our guitarist who happens to be the male version of me – we could finish each other’s sentences.

Just one of my jewelry creations

Just one of my jewelry creations

5. I need to create.

My digital self, aka Dianah Markova

My digital self, aka Dianah Markova

6. I deejay in Second Life. My deejay name is DJ Dirty Dianah. I started six years ago and I still love it.

7. All the photos on both of my blogs are taken by me. (Copyright laws!) The few that aren’t I have used with permission, except for the meme I used in I’m Just A Girl. I had a recipe and photo lifted from Hunter’s Lyonesse which prompted me to watermark my photos from that point on. I also had someone steal one of my photos on Facebook and photoshop it to use as an ad for his business. You live the meaning of incensed when your work is stolen. It was like learning my first boyfriend cheated on me, or rather used me to cheat on his other girlfriend, but minus kicking in the locker at school.


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