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No I In Team

Aloha Stadium. I have seen many college and Pro Bowl games there. ūüôā

I enjoy sports. ¬†I like watching and playing. ¬†Although, I haven’t playing much of anything in recent years. ¬†My brother and I used to play tennis in our cul-de-sac. ¬†No net or lines, just an understanding of natural boundaries. We played basketball in the driveway. ¬†I played volleyball with friends and family – beach, indoor, and grass. ¬†I played pick-up games in college and after. ¬†I may be small, but I got in there and played my heart out.

My “big brothers” and I had season tickets to Hawai`i basketball. ¬†We had some good times screaming at the refs and the opposing team as they went to the locker rooms. ¬†Our seats were right over the tunnel. ¬†I watched many games on TV while studying on the weekends. ¬†It made studying a bit more bearable. ¬†When we go home for visits, I look for any games that Hawai`i might be playing that we can attend.

Chaz is not as much of a spectator as I can be. He will go with me to games when we are home and we’ve gone to the occasion Spring training baseball game out here with friends. He will even sit with me for part of a game on TV. ¬†Part. ¬†When people we just meet ask him who his favorite team is, I just chuckle. ¬†Gender stereotypes can bite the inquisitor where it hurts.

One of the things I like about playing team sports is working with other people towards a common goal. ¬†The same goes for work. ¬†Unless you are self-employed and you are your sole employee, you work with other people. ¬†You work together to fulfill the company’s mission. ¬†Oftentimes in sports and in work (or social clubs), people’s egos get in the. ¬†Look what I did! ¬†Look what I can do! ¬†Did you see what I just did? ¬†Or sometimes ego has nothing to do with it and they just want to operate on their own agenda rather than work as a team.

I have a real problem with people who aren’t team players and don’t help the rest of the team whether it’s through being an attention whore or just not caring and doing their own thing. ¬†I have little patience for it. ¬†It screams lack of work ethic to me because of the selfishness of their actions. ¬†I also dislike when people make mistakes that were accidents and people won’t let it go. ¬†Things they had little to no control over. ¬†If you’re jacking around and something happens, well then you had a choice to goof off or not and now look what happened.

Sunday night and yesterday morning my Facebook feed was cluttered with statements and links blaming Kyle Williams for the 49ers loss in the NFC Championship game Sunday night. ¬†Everyone is certainly has a right to their opinion. ¬†But some of the opinions were downright hateful. ¬†Yes, Williams made a mistake during regulation play that led to a Giants touchdown. ¬†Yes, he fumbled the ball in OT which then set up the Giants for the win. ¬†People seem to forget how hard he was hit when he fumbled. ¬†I’d like to see some of you people who seem to want to blame him get hit like that and still hold on to the ball.

I remember a college football game in my Freshman year that ended in a tie because our place kicker, whom I was friends with, missed a field goal. ¬†People were chalking it up to a loss and making hateful comments that it was all his fault. ¬†My first thought was, the weight of the game cannot come down to one person alone. ¬†It wasn’t all on him. ¬†There were some bad decisions, plays, and mistakes made throughout the game which left public perception to, he stands alone now and the outcome of the game rests solely on him.

You can’t place blame on Williams. ¬†Well, you can keep blaming him, but it’s not his fault. ¬†There were the same bad decisions, plays, and mistakes being made by both sides that led the game into OT. ¬†I was ready to see Vernon Davis leave the game. ¬†He can finish some spectacular plays, but him immaturity on the field led to some stupid penalties because he chose to grandstand and act childish.

Did I mention I’m a Niners fan?



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