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Everyone Has An Opinion

Yes, we all have one.  We can all express them.  Most of us tend to express them in a more responsible and respectful manner than others.  The rest.  Well, they just have to drive their point home no matter how much it hurts or offends the person with whom they disagree. I have friends who can be quite militant about their opinions and I leave it at that without arguing over it because there is no point.  I will not sway their opinion and they will not sway mine.

This happened on my friends Facebook status after she posted her opinion on the medical system as a whole.  An opinion I happen to share with her.  A friend of hers insisted that her opinions were leading to “false information” and that her distrust of the system would lead people to going outside the system and that we should all work within the system.

I worked within the system. It is horribly broken and fails so many people who rely on it.  Western medicine as a whole is famous for the prescribe-a-pill-to-mask-the-symptoms and be done with it. There are some doctors out there who dig deeper for the cause and a true recovery for the patient.  But there are so many who slap the band-aid on and send the patient out the revolving door.

I chalked my lifelong migraines up to genetics since my dad has them, too.  I was always told by health care providers my constant low blood pressure and body temperature was “normal.”  My neurologist had me on a revolving list of medications to prevent daily migraines and caused weight gain.  I had a doctor who didn’t even take the time to go through my file before trying to send me out for tests…that he had already run and come back negative.  My podiatrist and pain management doctor had me on heavy medication that had me slogging through life like a zombie without an appetite (more weight gain!).  Friends even commented that I didn’t look like myself.  Cortisone shots to the elbow were more painful than the constant pain I experienced.  Physical therapy did nothing.  Let me restate that. The physical therapists did nothing.  They stood around their counter chatting while I did all manner of tasks unsupervised that provided no help.  I dubbed those sessions my exercise in futility.

This is the kind of medical care we settle for because we don’t know any better.  We learn as we grow up that you go to the doctor, he/she gives you a pill, you feel better.  We are herded like mindless cattle.  And the system counts on us being mindless.  Heaven forbid we start questioning the system and holding them accountable.

I had enough.

I fired my doctor and got a new one.  One that would look me in the eye and have a real conversation with me.  He talked with me, not at me.  I ditched the neurologist and medication for a chiropractor, much to the neurologist’s chagrin and warnings that it was not a good idea.  I ditched the podiatrist (who was a great doctor, just couldn’t think outside the box with the idiopathic neuropathy), pain management doctor, physical therapy, and heavy medications for a Naturopath, his acupuncture needles, and aromatherapy.

My cousin, a doctor, will even encourage and remind me to think outside the Western medicine bag.  When I was not getting better with Synthroid for my Hypothyroidism and the multitude of doctors I was seeing could not find answers, she’s the one who reminded me to go to my Naturopath.  And guess what.  He’s the one that figured out the medication that was supposed to make me better was really making me worse.  I have a friend who was diagnosed with Celiac by a dietitian after nearly 20 years of test after test run by the best medical doctors in the country, including those at Johns Hopkins.

Western medicine is not the end all be all.  Alternative medicine was around a long time before Western medicine was invented.  My friend’s friend seems to think that since Western medicine is based on science (therefore it is fact) it is the cat’s meow.  She would call everything else, anecdotal.  Well of course it’s anecdotal.  Who is going to furnish a grant for research into alternative medicine?  Big pharma pays for the other grants because they have the money for it.  If they provided money for alternative medicine grants, they’d put themselves out of business.  I will take thousands of years of anecdotal evidence, along with my own personal experience and that of my friends who have also gone the same route as myself, over science that just serves to mask the rotting root of the problem.

I discovered that gluten was the rotting root of all my problems.  It caused my migraines, my vertigo, chest pains, heart palpitation, low blood pressure, low body temperature, idiopathic neuropathy, IBS.  Everything that has plagued me is traced back to gluten because everything is gone now that it is out of my diet.  Gone.  No migraines unless TMJ triggers one, which is extremely rare.  So rare that where I used to have several migraines a month, I can go several months without a migraine.  No vertigo.  No chest pains or heart palpitations.  Normal blood pressure and body temp.  No more tingling, burning, or pain in my left foot.  Normal thyroid levels without the use of medications or supplements.  I actually gained health I never had before when I went gluten-free.  An added benefit of being gluten-free, as well as following a whole foods diet, I’m dropping weight and keeping it off.  My co-workers tell me all the time that I eat so healthy.  I have to.  It’s the only way to maintain my health.

I had to replace my doctor and my Naturopath since we moved last Fall.  I found an integrative doctor.  She focuses on whole health.  Mind.  Body.  Spirit.  She does acupuncture.  There are chiropractors in her practice that I see.  She has people who do energy work on me.  She keeps an eye on my thyroid, iron, and Vitamin D levels.  She uses more alternative medicine than Western.  Why?  Because it works.

It just plain works.  I have a list of friend who will tell you the same.

My opinion?  Do what works for you and gets you the results you desire.  I choose the path that keeps me healthy and not relying on medications that can ultimately do damage to our bodies because everyone is different and no medication is going to work the same on every single person who takes it.  I choose a system that has proven itself over and over again over a system that is deeply flawed and uses duct tape to cover the problems.

If you choose differently, so be it.  Just don’t rub my face in and tell me your opinion is better than mine or that I’m wrong.  It is an opinion.  A preference.  If you get rude and disrespectful, I will tell you off in my own special way.


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