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Everywhere A Sign

I’ve joked with friends that one day I’m going to write a crime thriller with a sinister serial killer that will freak everyone out. I can come up with creative ways for someone to exact revenge. Chaz asked if there was something he needed to know when when he read The Heart Of The Matter. I think The Unearthing was a little unsettling for him too.

Thrillers are not the type of story that live in my head – realistic stories are in there, begging to be written. However, I saw signs on our trip leading me to believe that somewhere down the road, there just might be a crime thriller living in my head.

I’ll let you be the judge…

Road trip signs 1

DEAD END. Not, NO OUTLET. DEAD END. There is nothing but death at the end!

Road trip signs 2

My kind of place. *rubs hands together with an evil grin* Let’s go!

Road trip signs 3

CAUTION: Massacre site ahead. What? That’s what it says, right?

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