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Just Desserts Crossover

Waikiki Marina and Diamond Head

Waikiki Marina and Diamond Head

In the midst of working on the J.D. and Ari series, Katie Oliver tweeted me after I published a part and joked about what would happen if they met her characters Alex and Dana. The joke quickly turned into brainstorming tweets. Chance smiled on us as I was in her neck of the woods back in September. Fate stepped in and we were unable to meet up. Instead, we did this through private messages and email. I had a lot of fun working with Katie on it and learned a lot on how to incorporate her romantic comedy style with my dramatic style.

If you haven’t seen me sharing her posts on Alex and Dana on Facebook or Twitter, go through her archives. Katie always makes me laugh. Even if you do not want to sift through her archives, check her out. Her first book, Prada and Prejudice, is scheduled to release in January 2014. Keep an eye out.

For those of you familiar with J.D. and Ari, this crossover falls into their timeline a week after Stripped. If you are not familiar with them, the link above will take you to the page with all the links to the posts. Head over to Katie’s blog through the link below for our crossover.

I hope you enjoy Just Desserts.



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