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Project 52: Water

One of the lakes where I stayed last weekend

I was on retreat last weekend with some friends and I got to see this a lot over the weekend.  This was the day I also discovered how to change the white balance and picture settings on my camera.  Yes, I know.  I really need to take a class, but sometimes I learn by just doing and playing around.

Another picture of the lake, this one walking down to it.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

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Project 52: Still Life

I think I still have woodchips on my backside from taking this shot.

There is a little playground in our apartment complex.  It wasn’t there when we moved in.  But, on any given day that isn’t freezing and the kids aren’t in school, it is full.  If I happen to get home from work after the kids have arrived home from school, I can see them from the road as I’m driving to my part of the complex.  It makes me happy that they have a place to play without their parents packing up the car to take them to a park.  Even without the playground, there is a lot of greenspace for the kids to run around and play in.

It makes me wish my Little Obi-Wan (my best friend’s son – tell me he’s not the cutest) were here so I could play with him on the playground.

As you can see, it is empty.  Not a soul in sight.  Complete stillness.

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge


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Project 52: Fiesta or Siesta

This is one of the quilts I brought home with me from my trip.  My grandmother and great-grandmother were always making quilts for the family.  The closets in the house are full of their quilts. I have one small quilt still from when I was a kid.  I have several more they gave me through the years.  These quilts are their love.  I can wrap myself up in them.  They are a part of my childhood and those of my cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Big gatherings meant a huge quilt was laid out on the living room floor for nap time and bedtime.  Another one was used as a cover.  All through college and until I moved to Kentucky, one of the quilts made for me covered my bed. I laid one out on our guest bed when my uncle spent the night as he came through town the week Grandma passed.

The day I got in to Moloka`i and Auntie A took me to the house, I looked through all the closets as I went through the house.  I came out of one of the rooms hugging this one.  It was one I used to make forts with when Uncle A.J. and I were kids.  Just one of them.  A lot of those quilts held memories.  I took the quilt with me to the condo I rented for the week and Auntie told me to take it home with me.

And in other news…

I just happened to start developing a recipe this week for mushroom tacos.  😀

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

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