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Me with Papa & Granny

If my Granny had to be given a name that described her well, it would be Zenia.  It means hospitality or hospitable.

She was the consummate hostess.  Everything was ready and organized before the first person knocked on the door.  She made sure everyone had what they needed until they got in their car to leave.  No one went without in her home.  She thought of every little thing.  Well, except for the one time she forgot rice to go with Papa’s chili.  I teased her about that for years.

She rarely sat while she was entertaining.  She was a whirlwind going through and checking on food, drinks, and guests.  When she did sit, she was watching everyone.  If someone got up for a refill or to take an empty plate to the kitchen, she was up before they could take a step and taking care of it for them.

She was the best role model. I couldn’t ask for a better one.  She taught me so many more things than just being a good hostess before she passed away almost 7 years ago.  Taking care of others in my own home is what rings true for me most.  It’s what I think of when I think of her and she is who I strive to emulate when I entertain.

She left us quite a legacy.

I love you, Granny, and I miss you all the time.


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