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Advertisers have made us fear wrinkles and aging. We flush millions of dollars down the toilet every year for empty promises and damaging hits to our self-esteem

Advertisers made us fear wrinkles and aging. We flush millions of dollars down the toilet every year for empty promises and damaging hits to our self-esteem

The oddest conversations happen sometimes when you are in a waiting area with a chatterbox across from you.

I was waiting for Danny, my massage therapist, and reading my book the other day when another woman is led into the waiting area and sits on the other side of the small area. I am usually Danny’s first client of the day so I am used to him running a little later than the time they tell me to arrive. I am also used to being the only one in the spa at that time of day because most people are there after work or on weekends. Chatterbox’s aesthetician set me up in a changing room at the same time as the other woman so I did not have to wait longer.

Danny had my warm foot soak ready for me when I returned to the waiting area and ran off to make sure the room was ready.

I overheard Chatterbox and the aesthetician talking about skin care and products. Then the aesthetician left.

Left me alone with Chatterbox.

Damn it.

She started talking as soon as we were alone and there was no longer a book between us getting in the way of me giving her the attention she was craving. She needed to talk to me about skin care and facials because she is obsessed with skin care. Or at least seemed to be with the way she went on about it.

Chatterbox thinks that skin care is so new to us and she wished we had more emphasis on it when she was younger. I put her in her fifties, maybe early sixties. She did not say it outright, but she was not happy with her wrinkles. She said I am lucky because I have darker skin. She thinks the “older cultures, like “Asians” have better emphasis on skin care.

I let her jabber on but I just wanted to drop my head in my hands. I was thinking while she yammered on –  Boy, corporate America has their hooks in you making you believe you need all these products to fight those wrinkles. HURRY UP, DANNY!  If you only knew how old I really am and what I do for my skin care.

Instead, I just smiled and nodded. It was not the time or place to point out her stereotyping or her misinformation.

Then her aesthetician saved me. I could have kissed her.

I have not had a professional facial in a very long time. At least twelve years. The aesthetician who did my last one told me I need to have my eyebrows shaped and several other things that made me leave feeling NOT good about myself and angry at her for doing that. Screw that!

And here’s my skin care secret. Warm, wet washcloth to wash my face daily, homemade astringent (right now it’s rosewater with lavender and juniper berry essential oils), and homemade lotion. The same lotion I use for my hands and the rest of my body. Sometimes, I make my own sugar scrub or an aspirin mask to do a deep exfoliation. That’s it. No peels, expensive gadgets, fancy wrinkle-busting lotions, or age-defying creams. I like my money in the bank and not down the drain.

A friend asked on Facebook a couple of weeks ago what everyone uses to fight wrinkles. I told her I stopped trying to fight them. I like my wrinkles. They tell a story. My story.


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