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Tainted Love Playlist

It’s no secret that I love writing with music playing. As I mentioned in the last post, Ari and J.D.’s story started with Daryl Hall’s “Why Was It So Easy?” Specifically, the version with Butch Walker featured on Live From Daryl’s House.

As the story grew, so did the song references. Not just in the titles for each blog post, but within the story itself, supporting the story and adding another voice. At one point, the music felt like an off-camera omniscient narrator throwing in J.D. and Lance’s point of view at times. As the story changed, so did the timelines and the songs. Some of the music has remained from the original but new music was added in the last rewrite as others were removed.

A lot of people connect to music and connect to others through music. That’s one of the purposes it serves in this story, not just Ari, Warren, and J.D. connected to music, but connecting to each other through it. We also tend to mark time and major events to songs we love and even songs we end up loathing. Like my sophomore year in college I was studying in my dorm (similar to Ari’s, but a different tower and closer to the apartments) and a local deejay decided to play “Just A Friend” by Biz Markie on repeat. It got to the comical stage where, because we all had our windows open, everyone listening to that station turned up the music and started singing along across the courtyard. Good times. Or the time my bestie went with me to Chula Vista to say goodbye to a friend who was leaving for boot camp and while listening to Depeche Mode’s Music for the Masses, “Never Let Me Down Again” started and we got excited at the same time.

Even breakups are a time we fall into music, listening to the same sad song over and over again. For me, “The Flame” reminds me of one person and “One Last Cry” another. The last time I lived with my brother, he played “Missing” by Everything But The Girl on repeat when he and his girlfriend at the time were on the outs.

Like real life, music marks time and events, good and bad, for Ari. From “To Look At You” to “The Different Story” to “Higher Love” to “Sign Your Name,” each holds a specific memory, a specific emotion, and a connection for her.

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