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The Downward Spiral Playlist


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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, music is important to me. It’s part of my soul and I don’t know what I would do without it. My mother was never able to get me to study without it…because advice back then was for students to have a quiet, uninterrupted study area for homework. There are times I like quiet, but study time back then and writing time now has to be accompanied by music – it helps me focus.

The playlist I started for The Downward Spiral was originally┬áover thirteen hours. That’s how I always start playlists, with more than fits. Through feeling whether or not the music I chose really fit the story, I whittled it down to seven hours and fourteen minutes.

Like Family Ties, each song has a place in the storyline and flows from beginning to end like the story does. Enjoy!

Synopsis: Kyle Morgan is an artist, driven by emotion, living with his twin sister, Kyra, driven by reason. He was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder when they were sixteen and tried to commit suicide multiple times since then–the last time, a year before he moved in with Kyra. Stressors pile up on Kyle: his girlfriend breaks up with him again, his twin micro-manages his life, and his parents and older sister continue to deny he has a mental illness. When Kyra finds Kyle after another suicide attempt, she becomes more controlling out of fear of losing him.

Kyle turns the tables and pushes his twin into a relationship with Finn O’Brien, a man he thinks is perfect for her, while he seeks a delicate balance for his own life. Through Finn, Kyra finds a man who isn’t out to use her or keeps one foot out the door. As Kyle settles into life with less interference, he finds love with a witty single mother, Gloria Ramos.

Kyle makes an effort to live in a world that does not understand him while Kyra learns to set aside her fears to focus on herself. When disaster strikes, his stressors return in full force, but Kyra steps back despite her desire to protect her brother. It’s up to Kyle to choose whether to succumb to his internal demons or to live with the constant pain, determining the fate of both of their lives.

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