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More Time

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I married that guy in the photo sixteen years ago yesterday. We are fortunate to have that much time on this wild and crazy ride of a marriage. I could post some sappy sentiment on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even here. But I won’t. This isn’t about us.

This is about those out there wishing they had more time.

You see, it’s now hard to celebrate our anniversary without remembering two couples. One couple, very good friends of ours and the other, very good friends and former co-workers of mine. Both women passed away two to two and a half years ago. One was around Christmas, the other a few short months later before we lost Grandma. T-Bear and Rinko would be celebrating sixteen years TODAY. Red and Chef would have celebrated six years a week ago today.

One of my former bosses lost her husband last summer. They would’ve celebrated fourteen years this past February.

There just isn’t enough time.

We go through life, day after day, without knowing the limit of our days. We behave as if life will go on until we are old, wrinkled, grey, and settled in a rocking chair on the porch. We get mad at our spouses and hold a grudge because, dammit WE are right, not them. We operate on the assumption that accidents, sudden or prolonged health issues, or tragic violence won’t separate us from our life partner.

I just wish there was more time for everyone.


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