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Yoda is badass.  There is no denying it.  He beats out Shaft.

You hear about his prowess with the lightsaber before you even get to see him battle Count Dooku.  Granted his character was pretty much CG effects in the movie.  There are martial arts masters and sensei out there like Yoda. Possessing the wisdom of the ages and the agility of a teenager when in action.  One with the Force.  Yes, yes.  With him the Force is.  Quite zen if you ask me.  He reminds me of a samurai.  He knew how to avoid fighting, but knew when it was necessary to engage in battle.

He is my favorite character in Star Wars.  Well, he’s tied with Chewbacca and Leia. When you see him in action it’s easy to see why he’s revered by all Jedi.

Yes, I realize I talk about him as if he’s real.  I know he’s just a character on a screen, but he’s just so full of awesomeness.  It’s easy to get lost while watching him on screen or reading about him in the novels.  I think we all have a character that we do that with.  Mine just happens to be Yoda.  Well, he’s just one of them.  He’s just the most badass “alien” of them.


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Books & Baseball


The Reds


Opening Day for baseball was Thursday.  I really had no idea until I was awake and was listening to Gamble & Finn on 96 Rock while getting ready for work. The longer I listened, the more excited I got.  It’s Opening Day! I started thinking, If I had known, I would have asked for the day off.  The longer I listened, the more I realized that pro-sports in this city is a lot like Derby in Louisville.  Only there wasn’t 3 weeks of partying before the big day.

I should state that I’m not a fan of baseball.  Not really.  I’ll pay attention now and then, but I don’t get excited for the game like I do with football, basketball, tennis, and volleyball.  Heck, I get more excited about swim meets than I do baseball.

The last time I went to a game and actually paid attention to the whole game was in college.  Knowing and hanging out with a lot of the athletes will do that to ya.  The last game I actually went to was a pre-season Reds game in Louisville against…the Phillies, I believe.  Seems every pro game I go to its against the Phillies.  Make that Padres vs. Phillies since that pre-season Reds game was the only non-Padres game I’ve attended.  We were there with Chaz’s co-workers and their family members.  I really don’t remember the game even though I have pictures of it.  We spent a lot of time gabbing, eating, and drinking.  That’s what I love about baseball.  The social aspect of the ballpark.

Those Padres games I went to with friends.  I never paid a lick of attention.  Stick and I used to be somewhat obnoxious and yell out things like, “Is that the quarterback on that mound of dirt?”  Someone would make it into home and we’d throw up our arms yelling, “Touchdown!”  We got a lot of chuckles around us for that stuff.  But, I’m sure there had to be a rabid fan or two that was annoyed with our antics.  No one ever said anything to us though.

I spent much of Thursday thinking that Stick and her family need to come out for Opening Day one year (while we’re still living in this city) so we can hang out at the ballpark together.  1) We haven’t been to a game together since college.  2) Her Old Man is a Reds fan.  3) Her Old Man is a Reds fan.  You hear that Old Man?  Start planning now!  I’ll make sure the guest room is ready.


Just SOME of our books. I mean my books.


Thursday night I spent a good amount of time reading before going to bed.  I spent a good amount of time reading while taking bubble baths, breaks & lunch during work, hanging out at my favorite coffee shop.  Okay, I just read a lot.  Chaz calls me a voracious reader.

Someday, I want my own personal library.  Built in shelves, floor to ceiling.

Pictured are just some of our books.  Well, mostly mine.  I have more in the guest room.  We have our martial arts and Japanese culture books in Chaz’s man cave along with his computer geek books.  I got rid of a lot of my books before the move in October.  And yes, those two shelves on the bottom right are all Star Wars books.  My most read book is hiding in there on the left.  V by A.C. Crispin.  I must have read it at least 5 times between 7th and 12th grade alone.

I love books that transport my mind to another place and/or time.  Books that give me an escape from the reality surrounding daily life.  I love different spins on Arthurian tales (those are on the middle shelf on the left) along with spins on other legends like Robin Hood and Joan d’Arc.  I have some favorite Asian writers that speak to my heart. If you get a chance, Banana Yoshimoto is one of them.  The amazing part is that she writes in Japanese, so what I read are her English translations.  The translations are beautiful and poignant.  It always makes me wonder how much more so her work is in Japanese.

Now, if you excuse me, I have a book to finish…


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