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Sweet Shot Tuesday

I’ve been thinking about this photo for a while now.  It’s one of my favorites that I’ve taken over the years. I know I should be posting something more recent for Sweet Shot Tuesday (hosted by Darcy at Life With 3 Boybarians), but it would be food porn I posted.  Nothing wrong with that, but I love this picture. 

I somehow lost the original jpg when my last laptop crashed. I think somehow all the photos I used for my grandmother’s scrapbook got moved into Adobe and not just a copy.  I’m sure I could probably go through the digital scrapbook files and pulled the photos out layer by layer.  Too much effort.  So, the photos have become like print photos of old.  Once it’s cut up and scrapbooked, that’s the end of it.

I didn’t do any editing to this photo.  I don’t like editing.  Really.  I’m not even like some of my food blogger friends and edit my food porn before posting it on my other blog.  Why bother?  Sure, I can take out red-eye.  Other than that, if you have to do too much editing and it’s not real.  And if it’s not real, what’s the point of the picture? 

The photo is one of my nieces and one of nephews, taken the weekend of my grandfather’s funeral on Moloka`i. It was taken with my old Fuji camera months before I broke the LCD screen in a fall. 


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