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I think it’s important to remind ourselves to be grateful for what we have. I believe that we have gotten away from being grateful because we feel we deserve more or we are owed more.  This is the thought that drives entitlement.

I once worked with a family and my primary client was the youngest grandson.  His grandmother told me during a home visit one day that the other grandson lost his job at a grocery store for stealing.  When she talked to him about why, he said, “They owed me.”

No one owes you.  You don’t deserve more because you think you do.

When we focus on what we have and give thanks for it, we tend to be more content.  The pursuit of happiness becomes less about material wealth and more about the little things in life.  The stress we build up in pursuit of possessions starts releasing and is replaced by the bliss of enjoying life as it is.  In the moment.

I challenge myself to be grateful.  Some days it’s easy.  Some days it’s a struggle.  But overall, I continue to improve.  As the years roll on, I feel myself letting go of negativity and embracing the positive.  I am happy with being a renter and not breaking our neck to try to become a homeowner. I like having a job and not a career.  I look forward to my morning yoga to get me energized for the day (for the most part).

What am I grateful for?

1. A plethora of family and friends who love me unconditionally just as I am.

2. The physical and mental ability to work, both for monetary gain and around the home.

3.  A roof over my head.

4. Clothes on my back.

5. Food in the kitchen.

6. A place to visit that I call home.

7. Past work experiences, both good and bad as they helped me grow as a person.

8. An education that I worked for and paid on my own.

9. Beautiful places and things that become subjects of my picture-taking.

10. My gift for creativity.

11. My common sense.

12. My internal filter.  (keeps me out of trouble)

13. Music

14. Theater

15. The creativity of others, good or bad – in my opinion, of course.

16. The time I had with loved ones and pets before their passing.

17. The people who are in my life for just a season.

18. Yoga

19. Martial Arts

20. Humility

21. Compassion

22. The ability to know right from wrong

Those are just a few of the things.  What about you?

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