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Yoda is badass.  There is no denying it.  He beats out Shaft.

You hear about his prowess with the lightsaber before you even get to see him battle Count Dooku.  Granted his character was pretty much CG effects in the movie.  There are martial arts masters and sensei out there like Yoda. Possessing the wisdom of the ages and the agility of a teenager when in action.  One with the Force.  Yes, yes.  With him the Force is.  Quite zen if you ask me.  He reminds me of a samurai.  He knew how to avoid fighting, but knew when it was necessary to engage in battle.

He is my favorite character in Star Wars.  Well, he’s tied with Chewbacca and Leia. When you see him in action it’s easy to see why he’s revered by all Jedi.

Yes, I realize I talk about him as if he’s real.  I know he’s just a character on a screen, but he’s just so full of awesomeness.  It’s easy to get lost while watching him on screen or reading about him in the novels.  I think we all have a character that we do that with.  Mine just happens to be Yoda.  Well, he’s just one of them.  He’s just the most badass “alien” of them.


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