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Precious Time

Me & AshThe holiday season is in full swing and that means families are traveling to see one another. We normally celebrate the holidays with Chaz’s family. It is not very often that we spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family. Four years ago we flew to California for Thanksgiving with my best friend and her family. Nine years ago we flew to California for what we thought would be our last Christmas with Papa, but he decided the family needed to be together without him.

While I tend to eschew traditions, it does not mean I do not enjoy them. For years, Christmas was normally a day of visiting several of my aunties and uncles homes throughout the day. I loved being able to spend time with them even if I saw them often. While they are my dad’s siblings, they are also like the older siblings I never had. They looked out for me while I was in college. They let me spend weekends in their homes and do laundry for free. Plus, I got to spend time with my little cousins.

I do not get to see them often at all anymore. Flying home to Hawai`i is a long and expensive trip. If I had it my way, I would fly home at least twice a year. As it is, I count myself lucky to be able to visit once every other year, and still the ten days is not nearly enough time in my eyes. I may not get to see them at Christmas since moving to the middle of the Mainland. It is close enough to Christmas that I am excited to be spending the weekend with them in Vegas for a family reunion; even if it is just a small fraction of my aunties and uncles who will be there and a handful of my cousins.

The little time I get with my family is precious. I cannot afford to waste it.

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