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Me and my brother

Beauty is only skin deep.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Beauty falls for the Beast.  The ugly duckling really was a swan.

I went through a really awkward phase for a while, but didn’t realize it until moving into an area where being and looking like everyone else was the prize.  This was a foreign to me.  I was always my own person. I still am.  So trying to be like other people was just wrong.  Yet, I was teased relentlessly because I was so different.  It made me feel ugly and I still went on being myself.

There are scores of movies of the popular pretty kids making fun of and bullying the ones that they deem ugly and unworthy.  Those are the truly ugly ones in my opinion.

It doesn’t help that society and the advertisers still sell “beauty.”  Flawless skin.  Perfect shiny hair.  Small waistlines.  20/20 vision. Even and whitened teeth for a winning smile.  It’s not hard to understand how some people who already feel insecure about themselves feel even worse when pounded with these images day in and day out.

What is real beauty?  That is the question.  The answer for everyone is different.  Beauty radiates from the inside for me.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful you look or how long it took you to apply all that make-up and do your hair.  You can spend hours on it, but if your spirit conveys nothing but hate, pettiness, and selfishness it will shine through the facade you created making you ugly.

I love people who embrace who they really are and don’t care what others think about how they look or dress.  They are true to themselves despite peer pressure to be otherwise.  You can’t beat courage like that.

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